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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long before I get a container delivered?
    We usually require 24 hours before a container can be delivered. In addition, depending on season, some sizes are in higher demand and we will inform you at time of call if they are available for next-day delivery or what the wait time is.
  • What days do you deliver containers?
    We deliver Monday thru Saturday.
  • How much room do I need for a container to fit in a driveway?
    We suggest that the driveway or location of placement for container being dropped to be at least 9.5 ft wide.
  • Where are the doors located on the container?
    Doors are located on the rear of the container; it is the end that comes off of the truck first. Each door swings open by unlatching a pin, and allows you to walk the material into the container instead of throwing it over the sides.
  • Will the container damage the driveway?
    If the driveway is older than 5 years old and established, they usually do not shift. As a precaution, we request the homeowner/contractor to provide four (4) pieces of wood, 2 x 4's or 4 x 8's at least 5 ft in length. Our driver will place the wood under the wheels of the containers while he is dropping the container in the location you request. We DO NOT suggest placing containers on dirt. Due to weather conditions, the container may sink into the dirt, and we are not responsible for any damage done to property if you request the placement of the container at that location.
  • Do you work on Saturday?
    Some limited trash collection routes do run on Saturday, but the offices are closed.
  • How long can a container stay on site?
    This depends on the season of the said rental. Our busy season is usually during the months of April thru October and we quote the length of time to be 5 to 7 days. If the container is needed longer we can get a quote for daily use. As for off-season, please call for a quote.
  • What material is not acceptable to be put in the container?
    Absolutely no hazardous material! No appliance that contains freon, no tires of any kind, and no propane tanks. If there are paint cans, open them and place cat litter or sand in them to dry out, replace the covers and still double bag them and try to put them in the bottom of the container with heavier material placed on top.
  • Can containers be placed on the street?
    You must contact the Municipality the job is being done in. They will discuss the necessary permits needed. If they allow the container to be placed on the street, then we must see a copy of the permit via fax or when container is delivered (show driver). If the container does go on the street, please put lights or caution tape on the front/rear of the container. The container must be visible at NIGHT so traffic can see it.
  • Can I mix concrete and blacktop in with clean up and general construction?
    WE DO NOT SUGGEST THIS! We have separate rates for recycling material. If you choose to mix that material, remember that you pay for the weight of the material we are dumping. Do not forget: every yard of concrete is one ton. This material in your container may become costly.
  • Do you work on holidays?
  • How many tons can be put in the container?
    The tonnage depends on what the client places in the container. When the container is picked up to be emptied, we take it to the facility in the county it is filled in, and then we scale in, empty the load, and scale out. This is when we get the weight of the material dumped and that is how we determine the final cost.
  • How long before a container gets picked up?
    We require at least 24 hours before containers are picked up. We do not randomly just go to a property and just take it. If you have had it longer than than we quoted, we will give you a courtesy call requesting that the container be clear and available for pick up on a certain day.
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