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Introducing TrashBilling


With Trash Billing, customers can now create a personalized online account, view and pay their bill, see their billing history, and much more!

-No fees

-Enroll in reoccurring payments

-Keep your preferred payment method on file (bank account, credit card, etc.)

For more information, visit the Trash Billing website

If you currently pay through your own online banking, please make sure your account number is up to date. But we encourage you to switch to this new system!

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Creating an account is easy!

Step 1: Call or email us and simply ask for your new Customer ID number

Step 2: Click on the button below to create your new online account on

Sign in using your Customer ID number


Want to Go Paperless?

Contact our office to stop receiving a bill in the mail to help us reduce waste. All bills will go directly to your preferred email address.

Thanks for submitting!

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